Friday, January 25, 2013


This was written by a fellow Stampin' UP ! demonstrator  Brenda Marshall and if you click the title if will take you to her blog.    I want to say she almost took the words out of my mouth as I feel the same way.  If I have Stamped with you I value you in the most special way you are my friend and I treasure the times we spend with each other.  If I have not stamped with you I hope that I will someday before my life is through....  YOU are my pearls


What are the Pearls in your life?

At leadership conference Rich told us a story of a man who received a pearl in a beautifully packaged box.  He spent so much time admiring the wrapping he neglected to notice that it was hosting a pearl. Sometimes we don't realize we have pearls until it's too late. He encouraged us to think  about the pearls and the packaging in our own lives. About the things that really matter, that we'll treasure at the end of our lives. And about the things that distract us from recognizing those treasures.

This really hit me as I thought about my own life and my business. There is a lot of fun "packaging" around my business, all the cool stuff I collect and play with, all the fun perks, making money, the events and being recognized by Stampin' Up... They really make things so fun. I love being "too busy" having lots on my plate, always rushing ahead to the next thing, setting goals, trying new things.

But when I think about what I truly value in my life, it's the people... my husband, my children, my family, my friends... the people my work brings me into contact with. I get to sit (often in my own home or theirs!) and share in peoples' lives... I get to see them at their happiest, playing and creating and visiting with friends. We share so, so, much more than stamping and card-making!  These women share in my highs and lows, and I share in theirs. I think there is such a wonderful energy created when women are together in a positive environment. Such honesty and kindness. Sharing of experience, faith, humor, anxiety and encouragement. Every single day my life is blessed by the women I spend time with, either face to face or online.

If you're reading this then I want to thank you for being a pearl in my life. I hope that our relationship may continue through the stages of our lives and whether you are crafting with me or not! I am truly blessed by knowing each of you.

Sincerely, Brenda
We as Stampin' Up! demonstrators have what we call the Statement of the Heart
It states..

We Love What we do and We share what we love as we help others enjoy creativity and worthwhile accomplishments and in this we make a difference!

I truly do care about each of you and hope that you feel my sincerity as I stamp with you.  Working with Stampin' UP! has been the best job I have ever had and the feeling I get when I watch a brand new stamper discover the creativity that is blooming inside coming out is amazing.  You see their eyes light up with the feeling of accomplishment and pride and you feel that all is right with the universe.  Wish Life was really that easy but for a few moments I want to be a part of that escape for you.


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