Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Son The Air Man is HOME!

                    My Son the Air Man is HOME!!!

I am one happy momma.  Not only did he come home he was bearing gifts.  He got me a Nexus 7 tablet.  It is great he is so sweet.  He was hunched over walking toward me and I almost knocked him down giving him hugs. When I picked up his back pack I realized why he was walking like a drunk.  That thing must of weighed 100 pounds!  He also had two other backpacks and will be staying almost a month if he gets to do the hometown recruitment. He is planning a deep sea fishing day with his dad on Friday. We are all looking forward to catching up on our lost time with him.  He has been talking non stop about his adventures and it is fun to hear all the new stuff going on for him.  He wants to thank all the people that have sent him cards.  He says that has helped him through the tough times of being away from home.  I will have a new address for him  in about a month.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Burlap and Blooms

                               Burlap and Blooms

New Spiral Flower Die

New Spiral Flower Die

Tag Topper Punches

Our New Tag Topper Punches

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Caught in a Crystal

      Caught in a Crystal

This is a cool technique with floor wax

This is called the same but totally different use our stampin up  dazzling diamonds

Totally addicting may I add.

How I spent my Saturday Evening!

How Did I spend my Saturday Evening??

Spent My Saturday Evening making Paper Beads with one of my

Friends Christine and we were up til 1pm making them!

Watch this video ...


 oh my Can't wait to show you what they turned out to look like but you will have to stay tuned.  I left them at Christine's and promise I will post pictures later of them when we finish them.

we were amazed at the finished look they looked like expensive pottery beads when we were finished.  We used scrapbook paper and also magazine papers and paper from a book.  The different sizes of the thickness gave us different sizes of beads and they looked so cool after we glazed them with the embossing powders and heat gun. Can't wait to put them together!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Floral City Paper playhouse group Crafting on Tuesdays

Paper Crafter??? Are your Tuesdays Free??? 

Come and Join our new Paper Crafting group

here is a message from Christine Giese  about the Floral City 

Community Centers Tuesday happenings. 

Hello card makers,  
Floral City Crafters would like to invite you all to our Tuesday get away.  We are located at the Floral City Community Center, which is across from Shamrocks and next to the Floral City Library.  Our doors open at 9:00 a.m. and most of the crafters are gone by 2:00 pm. We have been monitoring their departure  times since August.  The reason for us monitoring this was to have the room and the space available just for card making.  So you can come all day and work on a project that you have at home or if you have always want to learn how to sew, quilt, crochet, knit, bead, pine needle baskets, or quilling and that's just to name a few.  We also just come to socialize and get out of the house.  Now, we have crafters that that only come in the morning and crafters that only come in the afternoon.  We have some crafters that come and spend the day with us.  And last but not least, we have crafters that only spend about 2 or 3 hours this us. So it really is come and go as you wish.  We do have to pay rent on the building so we do charge $2.00 to come in each visit.  But what is new is that one the first and 3rd Tuesday of each month we are going to have our Card class again and I can't wait.  We use more then just Stampin' up products.   We have some very talented girls that are so creative, they will show us a card that they have created and we will recreate it.  We will learn the technique of how to recreate it.  There is nothing prepared for you so  you will  bring your own equipment and supplies.  IE: paper, scores, trimmers, scissors, markers, stamp's and ink pads, punch's, glitter and glue.  Now you will not always need all your supplies because once you register and we all get into a routine, we will have the instructor/demonstrator show you a card that we will be making on our next class.  At that time you will receive a list of supplies that you will need to bring in and you will also know if you are interested in making that card no one will be offended if you are a no show.  What is also exciting is that you may be a instructor/demonstrator for a day.  We are all very talented and just maybe you have a beautiful card to show us that you have created and we agree that we would like to learn your technique. We will have coffee, juice and cake for you all to snack on.  I hope that you will join us for the day or just for the card making.   Just know you are welcome.

Christine Giese

   I believe Christine can put you on her email list if you are interested contact her. at 

For the 4th of February which is when we will start the card classes every 1st and 3rd Tuesday each month from 2=5pm we decided that Joi would show us how to make decorative paper using paint and items dropped on it and using a brayer for texture, we will then wait for it to dry and cut the paper for cards with dies and punches and make valentines.

Everyone should bring at least Cardstock and adhesives and tools like scissors and assorted punches and valentines themed stamps or stickers or embellishments to decorate their cards with. If you have items to share that is great.  Don't forget your $2 as well.

If you do want to purchase any Stampin UP!  I am always available  for orders and should have your order ready the following time you come or sooner.

Pop UP Card in a Box Split coast Stampers Video

PoP UP card in a Box

 Dina from Split Coast Stampers shows your how

My Friend Sandy was making some of these at one of the craft groups I belong to and I could not wait to try it out and thought you might want to give it a go too.  Let me know what you think??

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Whole Lot of Love Get Them NOW!

A Whole Lot of Love

Don't miss your chance to purchase these fantastic products from Stampin' Up!  They are only available until January 27 or while supplies last, whichever comes first!

Valentine's Day will be here before you know it!  Stampin' Up! has everything you need to create a "lovely" day quickly and easily - pre-printed cards, stamp sets, treat bags, even cute monster valentines!
In a hurry?  Our Sweet Sayings Cards and Envelopes are perfect for you!  Just stamp a quick image on these pretty pre-printed cards, add a quick note to the inside, and slide them into one of the coordinating envelopes and you're good to go!  The Sweet Sayings Cards and Envelopes includes 12 printed card bases and 12 envelopes in Real Red, Pool Party, and Crisp Cantaloupe.
Sweet sayings cards and envelopes- Sweet Sayings Cards and Envelopes, item # 134609, $5.95 (The only things printed on these cards are the background diagonal stripes, large white space, and borders across the bottom.  The heart image, Eiffel tower image, and sentiment are NOT pre-printed on the cards, these images were added with the stamps shown below.)
Need a pretty new stamp or two for Valentine's Day?  We've got you covered!  Check out this wonderful new single-image stamp and two great new stamp sets!


Flowerful heart- Flowerful Heart Stamp, Wood-
Mount only, item # 134617, $9.95


Super Set I have used this one a lot!

****News flash

Just Announced yesterday they are out of the Clear mount on this set and wont get anymore but wood mount is still available so hurry to get yours now!

Follow my heart- Follow My Heart Set, Clear-Mount item # 134614 for $11.95, Wood-Mount item # 134611 for $15.95

Used this one in class this week    My Favorite!

Love you more


- Love You More Set, Clear-Mount item # 131853 for $16.95, Wood-Mount item # 131850 for $21.95
Need to send some treats to school with your "little monsters" or hand some out to the "little monsters" in your class, Sunday School class, Scout Troop, etc.?  We've got some adorable "little monsters" of our own!  All you have to supply is some candy and a pen, pencil, crayon, or marker to write the labels.
Monster hugs boy
- Monster Hugs Boy, item # 132162, $5.95 (contains 18 boy monsters, 18 googly eyes, and 18 adhesive hearts)
Monster hugs girl
- Monster Hugs Girl, item # 132163, $5.95 (contains 18 girl monsters, 18 googly eyes, and 18 adhesive hearts)
Need some more "grown-up" treat bags for co-workers, neighbors, older children, etc?  Then, you'll want our lovely Sweetheart Treat Bags!  Just slip in some candy, a cookie, a gift card, etc. and stamp an image on one of the banners and you've got a lovely treat to give!

Sweetheart treat bags-Wish these came in 18 ct  would be perfect for an envelope for the little monster valentines! Still buy and extra one and they can still be used for that!

 Sweetheart Treat Bags, item # 134610, $4.95 (contains 12 heart sacks, 12 die-cut labels (unstamped), and 12 pieces of Pool Party Baker's Twine)
All of these Valentine treats are only available until January 27 or while supplies last!
To order any of these Valentine treats, please contact me at  or then click on the Shop Now.  Then, just enter the item number of the product you want into the search box.

Paper Pumpkin Much Improved !

Paper PUMPKIN  much IMproved!!!

Get your New Subscription started!   New subscribers will get the Markers and start with the starter kit with the acrylic block which is an awesome deal but  If you dropped from the paper pumpkin subscription in the past  and you don't want to get the Starter kit you can opt out of that you won't get the markers unless you use a new email address but if you use the same email address you will  just start with the JANUARY Kit and I can tell you it's awesome I saw a sneak Peek at Leadership!  Much better kit than  before!  With the new subscribers the  Plus you get an awesome bonus of those Retired  In Color Markers for signing up now is making the kit more than worth the price!

Be sure to choose me as your demonstrator so I qualify for the leadership challenge and win a prize for signing up 7 paper NEW pumpkin subscribers this month!  No obligation you can drop when ever you wish, Thanks in advance for your awesome support! My customers ROCK!

here is the link

click here to start your subscription   my name Debi Pippin demo # 2010294

My Airman Comes Home Next Week!

My Son the Airman is Returning Home!!!

Yep this momma is happy her son is finally coming home next Thursday evening on the plane near 10pm so  we will be celebrating his homecoming!  he will be doing some hometown recruiting with the local high schools in Inverness and Crystal River while he is home on leave then reports to his new base in Minot North Dakota where temperatures get to minus Zero numbers.  For a Florida boy he is pretty brave.  Don't worry he will be bundled and will be mostly working indoors.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Home Sweeet Home!!!!

Home SWEEET Home !!!

here are some pictures of my visit with my friends grand daughter Lucy and of my landing in Tampa so good to be home a Florida Sunset greeting me as I landed.

This is Lucy She loves to play outdoors


she is concentrating on making us a sand pie



got to get the ingredients just right


climb a tree like the monkey

ut oh This is pretty high


Poppy is her bestest friend Can't wait to see him each day!


Well I hated saying Goodbye but my visit with the Ingerman's is always so pleasant. Wish I could stay forever.  I miss my friend Loretta but it is always good to come back for a visit and see Lucy and watch her grow and see how much she has changed. This time she seemed much more talkative and animated than ever.  Especially from the first time I visited and she was so shy and leery of my strangeness, She loves it when I sing to her. The sillier the song the better.  Now instead of me entertaining her she entertains me. I look forward to my next visit and sure hope I can catch a glimpse of the Texas Blue Bonnets someday. 





Arriving in Florida......

A Sunset Greets Me



I will let the pictures speak for themselves.  It was a beautiful site.   A Day later I wake up to Freezing temperatures of 28 degrees. This morning it is slowly warming up and they say we had temps colder than Canada hard to believe but makes me want to hitch the plane back to Texas!

Great Purse by Poodles for Valentines Day

Another Poodles Video using the Valentine set Love you more by Stampin' UP!

I can see adding a handle to this one making it super cute for giving for valentines set, if you want that set though you are going to need to order it now as it runs out the 27th on promotion here it the item #
Love You More Clear-Mount Stamp Set 131853
Price: $16.95
Share your love this Valentine’s Day with the set that will tell your special someone how much they mean to you. Comes with five adorable images. Only available for a limited time.
order on my website at


Sunday, January 12, 2014

CLASSES Classes and More CLASSES!!!!

CLASSES   C L A S S E  S     and More    CLASSES!!!!!

My Card Classes
Citrus Springs community center second and Fourth Tuesdays of each month (except in July I am usually at convention. } from 11 am till 1 pm and only $10  if you can bring the right amount as I rarely have change if everyone has a $20 bill.  you can write a check but it has to be made out to the citrus county board of county commissioners.   They pay me a few weeks later.  We do 3 cards with envelopes but occasionally we might do a project instead of cards.  You will love the ladies in this class!  They are so sweet just like you.  They share well and are great friends and have been coming to class for about 3  years or more. I have 3 new ones starting in the coming  weeks  on Jan 28th.  You are welcome to come all I ask my students to do is let me know for sure they are coming with a phone call a few  days before so I prepare enough kits.  I hate to be caught without enough to go around. So be sure your name is on my list!  here is my phone # 352-637-6781 if I am not at home my answer machine is sure to get the messages
I also have a few classes at the B & W Rexall one that meets on the first Thursday night 5:30 -7:30pm  of each month then
Two  others that meet at lunch  time and if you are a beginner these are simple classes with lots of fun but simple cards and projects  11 - 1 pm at the Rexall on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month  at these sessions they only do 2 cards but they are expected to buy at least an item from the diner to  help them get business, keep them satisfied and for us to get the back room for free.  the charge for class is only $5 for the make and take  but if you have a $20 order placed on that day I don't charge the $5. 
On the 3rd Monday of each month I am at the First Lutheran Church from 5:30 -7:30pm doing a card buffet  a system where the ladies rotate tables and get to chat with each other while creating cards  so fun choose the designs you want or need.  I have usually up to 5 different ones  you can do them all or as many as you can handle.  the charge for this class is  3 cards for $8  and $2 for each additional card.   Most of the cards need very little instruction and are easy to create.  Even if you have never stamped before you can still feel comfortable enough here to walk away feeling like a true artist.  That is the beauty of Rubber stamps and Ink.  I always count the ladies in attendance and donate $1 from each to the boys and girls children's fund for Camp scholarships as a Thank you for letting us use the church.
No specifics yet but hoping to start another class the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month in Floral City Community Center 2-4pm most likely 2 cards with a $5-  $7 charge for supplies. We will be learning techniques and how to do various card foldings. Hope to be starting  January 21st.  you will need to phone me on this as well so I can have kits prepared.
A great way to earn Free Stampin' UP! product is to have a workshop!  The New Mini catalog is out and there is lots of product to choose from and the sale a bration catalog will hit the deck soon. (JAn 28th) and  NO it really isn't WORK it is a real PARTY! so if you like to PARTY I would love  to do a workshop for you  and your friends in your home on most weekends  or weeknights except the first  Monday nights as this is the time I get together with my downline group.  If you should want to become a Stampin' up demonstrator now is a great time as they just announced they are letting any new demonstrator that has joined since July of 2013 go to convention for FREE!  This includes anyone joining now until registration closes.  So don't wait Join now.  you  would still need to pay for Transportation there and back and hotel but your registration paid for is a big thing! As an upline it means so much to have your downline in attendance with you.  Did I mention it only cost $99 for your kit and you get to pick out $125 in merchandise that you to personally handpick from the catalog to use and I will even offer to help you with your first workshop to help build your confidence up.  Would love to have you on my Lucky Ladies TEAM!



Leadership 2014 continued

Leadership continued   Stampin' UP! goes to  Houston


 Make and takes


 Sara and Shelli on stage


buffet line at Manager's reception

shrimp cocktail anyone?
My swap card

up close

another close shot

Million Dollar Tami
She inspires me... She was one that reached out to me my very first convention and offered to swap with me and I will never forget that!

I need to make this kit so pretty

love this banner we all have reason to CELEBRATE!

My Tami again

Ferris Wheel was so fun


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Stampin Up! Leadership 2014

Stampin Up! Leadership 2014
Hello  Just wanted to let you know that I am at Houston Texas at the Stampin' UP! Leadership Conference.  Shelli is here with us and she got a fabulous standing ovation as she came to the stage for the opening session after returning victoriously from a horse accident she had in the fall. She is mended and better than ever. So happy to see her back!  Last night All the Managers and above were  rewarded with a wonderful evening event at the Houston Aquarium for our Managers reception.  Tonight we had a great night stamping make and takes.  Here are some pictures of my trip so far. 

Shelli and I

some leadership  excitement

Barbara Welch Playing with Fringe Scissors

pink costumed performer

us being cheesey

welcome diver and me

Million dollar Tami feeding the Rays

serene scenery while we ate wonderful
prepared foods and pastries


did you know this is not a shark but a ray?


you can tell when you see his underside

here are some sharks
we rode a train and stopped inside a tunnel to observe them


Shannon and I

It is really a lot of fun getting together with many of my stamping friends and the Stampin' UP! staff and putting our heads together learning how to make Stampin' UP! better for our customers and for our newer demonstrators.  We will be having a new promotion coming out at the end of the month Sale a bration where if you spend $50 you will be rewarded with an additional choice of a free gift. and each $50 you spend you can choose another and then another and another with each additional purchase of $50!  Those gifts are really amazing too. 

Another great thing is that paper pumpkin has been upscaled or upgraded it and you are getting a heck of a lot more in the newer kits in JAN Feb and MARCH as I have already viewed the next kits and I have got to say you will love love  love them !  So you better sign back up Like NOW!  or you will miss out.  For what I heard if you don't want the welcome kit you don't have to take it if you had been a member before now.  You will also be rewarded with an additional  Bonus set of retired in color stampin up markers as a thank you for signing up.   Don't miss out as you will help me get a prize too if I can sign up at least 7 of you!  one of the new kits even makes 8 cards and one had cute little purse type pouches.  make sure you use my name as your demonstrator of choice my demo # is 2010294 Inverness FL zip is 34452 Debi Pippin


If you have thought over and over about being a new demonstrator now is the time.  I am  Personally offering an additional stamp set of  $14.95 value if you sign with me and join my Lucky Ladies team.  by the end of Sale a bration in addition to the extra kit money Stampin up is offering. We also found out today that if you signed up for being a demonstrator anytime from JULY 1 2013 through the close of registration of Convention 2014 your convention fee will be waived ! you will still need to provide your own transportation and hotel fee but your registration fee is paid for  that is a huge huge savings!!!  So don't doddle write your list down and be sure to let me know which $14.95 set you want as soon as I get your confirmation that you have joined my team I will order your additional free set.  I meet with my downline at the Rexall in Inverness Florida the first Monday of each month at 5:30 pm - 7:30  We met have dinner and discuss business have a make and take and question session and fun.  I would love to have you and help you build a successful business that you will love to share with others. If you are afraid to take that first step I will even hold your hand some and help you with that first work shop.

Go to my Website and logon and join  you can also order product 24 /7 from  this site and join paper pumpkin  from this link  let them know my name and demo #  debi Pippin 2010294 and zip code is 34452