Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Come Join us on World Card Making Day



                      World Card Making Day with   

                                     Stampin' UP!


                       Ronald Mc Donald HouseCharities

Come and  help us make some cards for the St Pete Ronald Mc Donald Houses on Saturday Oct 4th from 10 am till 2pm at the First Lutheran Church located at 1900 W Hwy 44 in Inverness right across from the Car Wash and near Apple Bees . 

Local demonstrators will be set up and ready to teach several different styles of cards and we will have sample artwork on display and a raffle for Stampin' Up! product and sell light refreshments, Proceeds from the sales will provide the money to buy stamps and envelopes for our card program and for a $2 donation at each table you will be able to make 2 cards one to keep and one to donate to the Ronald McDonald Houses for the patients and clients to use while they are hospitalized or taking care of a loved one that is hospitalized there. 

The All Childrens' Hospital services our area for many of our local children that have accidents or need heart or other serious operations.  The card service is a convenience service that is provided by Stampin' UP!  for which I have served as the Lead for the past 3 years to our St Pete Houses.  There are currently 3 houses at this location the largest in the State.

 When I first was appointed Lead for the house and yes I thought it was only one house and later found out there were actually 3 houses they had not one greeting card there .  Together with the help of many demonstrators and local artist and card enthusiast I have been able to provide several hundreds of cards and also the envelopes and stamps to send the cards along their way to the recipients.

  Some of the cards find themselves in the hands of caring doctors or nurses or friends that have taken on the responsibilities of caring for the household duties that have been left at home while mom and dad are away with their little patient, but most help cheer a little soul that is sick to feel better.  Sometimes the patient is at the hospital and a family member may be celebrating a special event birthday anniversary wedding or the birth of a baby or even a death may occur and they need that special card.

 Because we take the time to make the cards and deliver them they are available to them at no cost and really help so they don't have to take time away from the care of the little person and mom or dad can continue to stay by their side during a what could be frightening experience for them.  Being in a strange place is a scary experience in itself but to be sick even makes it so much worse. But to have to comfort of mom or dad by their side is that a comfort like no other! 

I volunteer at the Lecanto High school as a mentor and help the students earn their community service hours putting together cards as a service project.  I have had the pleasure of working with Mr Jeffrey Smith the past 2 years and he has passed the torch on to the school's Interact club as of this month.  The work continues to be rewarding and I enjoy seeing the students monthly.  We plan a field trip sometime next month to the Houses to deliver cards and tour the facility.  I am a true believer in seeing where their work is being put into action and I believe it makes a difference in how they feel about the project and their experiences. 

Why do I volunteer for the Ronald McDonald Houses?  It is my way of giving back.  You see when my youngest son Noah who is now a healthy Senior at Citrus High School and Marches with the Citrus High School Band was only 4 he needed an open heart surgery in Gainesville to repair a hole in his heart.  It was undetected as a baby but as he grew and he was taken for a minor cold the doctor noticed it  sent us immediately to a specialist.  We were amazed as we saw it on the machines.  We stayed at the Ronald Mc Donald House and as a Family with 5 children  and having to take off of work for several weeks and us  not  having a huge income due to my husband having to pay child support and such we could not have afforded a hotel bill. To this day I thank them and Thank God my child is healthy and we were able to stay with him during that time.  The house was great.  My Husband stayed with him during the evenings and I completed the chores at the RMH and I stayed with him during the day so we were with him round the clock.

I encourage you to help out in your community  and give back when ever you can if not with this with some thing.  I appreciate each of you that can come.  I enjoy my job with Stampin' UP! and if I can ever share the opportunity of becoming a demonstrator with you just let me know I would be happy to sign you up as one of my team members and make you one of my Lucky Ladies.

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