Friday, July 29, 2011

Finalist List from Convention 2011

Hello everyone just wanted to post the Finalist List here from the Artisan Award Contest.
If you are on the list you were chosen for the top 42 in the contest!

Congratulations to all who were on the list.  I personally know how much work is involved as I entered as well and was chosen to be on the list!  Yeah!  Only wish that SU would let us all get together and pick each other's brains and see each others entries.  It would be nice to get a certificate of some sort or to be able to walk across the stage.  We were only asked to stand briefly and some of us were on Camera and some of us were not.
I will be posting some of my work soon even though I didn't win.  I am going to commit to try againg next year as this is my second time being on the announced finalist list!

Not in any particular order


Marisa Gunn

Staci Lunch

Martha Devries

Katie Kempton

Gaylyn Pantana

Laura Pinto-Nu-win

Elizabeth Germs

Rochelle Gould

Twila Mooneyham

Janel Hermann

Marlene Peters

Renee Van Stralen

Amy Bollman

Andrea Powers

Sharon Trauth

Diane Browning

Mercedes Weeber

Diane Kanode

Jan Johnson

Ellen Raymond

Carrie Gaskin

Betty-Jane Gent-ner

Debi Pippin

Laura Tollander

Jennifer Thomas

Tracy Roefs

Delia Lively

Jackie Topa

Julie Leblain

Erica Cerwin

Mary Haugen

Mindy Bywater

TOP 10

Heather Summers.

Heather Stevens.

Laura Mellinger.

Heather Klump.

Cheryl LeFore.

Heidi King.

Summer Stone.

Sandra Farrell.

Jennifer Pickard.

Connie Collins.

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  1. Can you please change my is Delia Lively. Thanks!! Where did you get the list from? Congrats on making it to the finalists. Do you know how many entries were received?