Saturday, July 21, 2012

Free Gable Box Design made by ME

I have designed a Gable box from the same scoring and dimensions of the Tea for Two template. You just cut it a little differently and don't cut any pieces off. Start with a 12 X 12 piece of sturdy DSP or Cardstock. Cut off 3.5 inches so you have a 8.5 x 12 piece.
On the short side score at 2.5 inches and again at 6 inches with your simply scored from Stampin' UP!
Turn paper and score on the long side 1.25", 2.5",5",7",9.5" and 10.75"

Cut into the middle scores at 5 and 7"up to the 2.5" score on one side and then 6" score on the other side. Then go to the outer edges and score up to the 2.5" score on the 2.5 and 6" score lines then go to the other side and cut back to the 9.5" score line at both 2.5" and 6" score lines.

Clear as mud right?? how about a picture

you can take your oval punch and punch into the middle rectangle on each end this will be your handles so make sure you go far enough in up to the edge of the first score line is good.

Then you are going to fold and crease the squares next to the middle cuts outward toward the handle section. Do all 4 squares.
Here is another picture for you.

At this point you are going to reinforce your folds in the middle and flip up those flaps and you will roll each side towards the middle. It will be kind of fuddlely (is that a word?) but you can do it.
Here is another pic

The two flaps should fit together and fold them at their first score from the edges and tip downward inside the box the other score will lie flat across the top area and the handle piece gets tied with the ribbon. If you wish you could glue those top side pieces together you can but I never even have to use adhesive with mine.
Hope you enjoy this fun project. Here are a few more pictures

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