Sunday, June 23, 2013

Zip Lining in Texas

I Did it!  I Ziplined at Lake Travis Zipline today!

So much Fun with my best bud Loretta

 The day was so much fun. The hiking was a little intense only because I need to get in better shape and my knee strength is weak going up hill.  I was winded going up even the first hill, practically panting heavily I listened to the guides instructions and thought am I ready for this.  Sure I am I have lost weight to do this and I am going to do it.  Our Guides were Liz and Erin and they really were great and patient as I walked slowly climbing the paths in between.  For showing me compassion I appreciated them and know they must really love their jobs. I compared it to the patience I give my students when they are learning to stamp cards.  It takes a lot of patience and stamina for their jobs too.  They took pictures along the way and I am so thankful as I had forgotten to bring my camera and even if I had brought it I am not so sure I could have hung on to it and concentrate on the flights.  We did 5 different Zip lines and each was more thrilling than the one after it.  The end flight we got to Zip on a double line and Race our partner.  The line was hot and Loretta and I were reaching the top speeds of 60 mph.  What a great rush.  I am ready to go again and found out they even have a moonlight tour during their full moons.


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