Sunday, March 23, 2014

Paper Pumpkin Is Improved!

Paper Pumpkin is Improved!  And Offer has been extended till MARCH 31st!!!   SO  DON'T  Dawdle  sign up now!


If you were one of my customers that had previously signed up with paper pumpkin and was disappointed with the program and would like to try again .  Paper pumpkin has improved and I had a chance to see the new Jan Feb and March kits at Leadership.  If you want to  sign back up again you can pass on the welcome kit and start off with the new Feb kit if you sign up by Feb 10th.    If you are a new subscriber and sign by February 10th you will get the welcome kit that comes with an acrylic block and also a pack of retired in color Stampin ' UP! Markers just for being new.  You can drop at any time you don't need to stay for a whole year. But I am sure you won't want to miss any of the up coming kits especially the one with all the Gold in it.  It was fabulous.  Even Gold Lined envelopes and Larger amount of cards too.  The February Kit I believe was a grouping of cute purse like cards also adorable.   

I am hoping you will give it a chance. 

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