Saturday, July 8, 2017

What Have I Been Doing???

What Have I Been Doing???

I recently had some Medical testing done and my husband took me to Sanibel to get my mind off the waiting and worrying I was doing.  So we went Shelling.  I got buckets full of Shells. Shelling has been a long time hobby of mine since I was a little girl and my grandfather and grandma used to take me to the beaches in Englewood and Venice.  It usually eases my mind and keeps me busy enough to get my mind off crazy stuff.  I like the adventure of finding the little treasures the sea tosses up on the shore for us to find. Here are some of the pictures of our little holiday and some of the creations I have made with them. 

 This is me on the beach with my bucket they are erasing turtle tracks behind me in the picture below
 This is a picture of the place we are staying at and it was lovely Waterside Inn where we have stayed twice now

 Much busier than the first time we stayed but still very nice and much needed for my nerves....

 Hubby resting after a long drive and below a picture of our resting area ...Best room in the house I might add
I made 15 of these frames in all each different 
                                                                       used Magical Mermaid on all of them

My medical tests are still going on . so keep me in your prayers. Hopefully it is nothing.

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