Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A New Kitten In The House

We lost another Siamese.  Sadly enough someone stole the Cat we adopted from the Animal Shelter a few months ago.  This was the second Siamese to be stolen so we opted for a different type of cat.  We normally adopt from the Animal Shelter older cats because we know they are less likely to be picked and we like to rescue them but this time we decided to help out a friend who needed to find a home for a sweet kitten.  My I had forgotten how entertaining a kitten could be.  They bring pure Joy and create destruction whenever they can.   I am sharing our sweet guy that was suppose to be a girl.  I called him Bella forever and then decided that he was a boy kitty.  My son called him Chuck Norris because our other cats were named Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.  But I prefer to call my new Kitten Simba.    The kitten loves toys especially balls but his best play toy is our Australian Sheppard Quantum.  They just love sparring with each other and although sometimes I think they play  too rough they love each other.  Quantum seems to love all our cats and likes playing with them.   Infact I think he is the one that missed the other cats the most.  He is happy with the Kitten and takes his duties as head kitten sitter seriously.  I hope to post some updated pictures soon as the kitten has really grown fast.  His favorite thing to do now is to climb our curtains and hang like Tarzan on them.  Who knew what joys this little creature would bring to our household.  Amazing.

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  1. So sorry to hear you've had catnapper problems. How awful! I love, love, love the kitten pictures. They are so much fun! Warm little balls of fuzz to love! We've adopted shelter cats, too. A cat makes a house a home! Susan