Friday, September 30, 2011

World Card Making Day

This year my downlines upline and sidelines with Stampin' UP! in our local area are doing a community charity event for the Ronald Mc Donald House of St Pete. Florida.  The event will be at the Withlapopka community center located at 11104 E Flounder
Floral City  FL 34436  on Oct 1st Saturday from 11 am - 3PM  If you are coming from the North head south on 41 and turn left at Gobbler (near the Circle K)  if coming from the south it will be a right hand turn.  Follow the yellow lines all the way around and across the bridge.  Turn right onto Blue Dolphin and then a left at Flounder and it is on the right side.  There is a playground for the kids and Stampin' Cards inside for the adults.  Each Demonstrator will be running a table that you can donate $2 and make 2 cards one for the Ronald McDonald House and one to take home.

We will also have some baked goodies to purchase and drinks and Pizza coming at Lunchtime.  Just be sure to donate generously to the kettle.  All proceeds will go toward buying postage stamps and for envelopes and Supplies to keep our card makers going.  It will be a fun time to get hands on instruction and get to know some of our Stampin' UP tools and materials.  SU has the finest papers and ink and accessories and Tools.   I use my Table top cutter,  my Big Shot and my Simply Scored almost every day.   Won't you come and join us and do something great for our friends.

I personally took a tour months ago and was amazed and very touched to hear that 65 families from our own town used the center and it's housing last year and over 70 from neighboring Hernado County used them as well.   They not only house these people but keep their family there and feed them and provide laundry services and emotional support. Each room is responsible for a light housekeeping chore and a small charge if they can afford it but they will not turn anyone away that cannot pay. The expenses of a hospital stay can be astronomical but with the help of RMH these families can afford to be close by for their children.  One house is built right onto the hospital and is reserved for families of ICU patients.

All Children's Hospital is known for it's great medical services and has seen many successes.  I know if my child had to be hospitalized it would be the only place I would want my child to be treated.  Although we didn't have a choice in the hospital back then  my son was treated at Gainesville Hospital at age 4 because of a hole in his heart.  We also stayed at the RMH in Gainesville and were so thankful for their services.  I took on the job of lead as a way of paying back for letting us stay with them so many years ago.  Today Noah is an active and healthy 16 year old.  Thank you Ronald Mc Donald House

The 3 houses are located within a block of each other and the All Children's Hospital.
Stampin' UP! had appointed me lead of these houses back in June and I accepted.  They did not have a former lead and had not had one in years.  The houses also did not have nice Stampin' UP! cards to share with their guest.  I am proud to announce they are now an Active house and each house has a box of 100 greeting cards to share with their guests.  

After tomorrow I hope to present them with at least another 300 cards.

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