Saturday, November 30, 2013

Making Match Boxes From the Punch Board

Love This Video on Making Match Boxes...

Thanks to Bona Rivera -Trans  she is great at explaining this.
Love all her videos

I made some of the matchboxes myself as I needed a box for some of the earrings I made for my team members for Christmas. They loved them If you need the measurements here they are I used a bit different for the outer cover as it was a bit tight with Bona's measurement as I used cardstock with dsp and a window sheet which made it fit tighter so I had to add 1/8th to her measurement for the cover.  

as in her video she used the 6x6 paper and punch and scored at 2" then turned and punch and scored at 3" and turned and punched and scored at 2" and then turned and punched and scored at 3" then don't turn but move over to the score to the right and line up under the score guide and punch and score continue around to the scores not previously punched lining up and punching and scoring all of them .  Fold the scores.  on the longer or wider triangles cut up to the  next score line on each side of those triangles only on those two opposing sides (4 cuts)  fold over one of the smaller flaps at the first score and put under the middle of where the punch gizmo is make sure it is all the way up it is tight and will be hard to punch as it is a double layer of cardstock but punch it carefully. this will leave the notch for your box.   to assemble box first apply glue to the smaller flaps not including tabs and fold  at scored area you will have to make another fold bending the folded edge toward the center of the middle of the box then fold the tabs in and apply glue to the outer part of all four tabs also apply glue to larger triangles and fold over tabs and you will also have to make another fold as you did previously with the smaller triangles just fold the folded edge inward.  Make sure the tabs stay inside as you fold.  you may need to straighten as you go.

For cover I used these measurements 3 3/4 x 7" paper  score on 7" side at 3/4", 3 1/8, 3 7/8, 6 1/4

I used the dsp paper cut the same length and cut a window through both before gluing together and a window sheet size  to slip between them so it didn't interfere with the sliding of the box but still covered the hole and you could see the earrings. It is glued at the edge.

Hope this helps I also have pictures.

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