Sunday, June 29, 2014

Have you ever done this?

Have you ever done this???
Locked keys    in Car Trunk

A big thank you to Andy The Brave Knight on the horse Royalty Free Stock Images
 who rescued this damsel in distress1920 style image of damsel in distress tied up by villain - stock photo

 yesterday who in her hurry to get to Sarasota yesterday for a

 baby showerBaby shower cupcakes Royalty Free Stock Photography
locked her keys in the trunk of her carOpen car trunk Stock Images
 while putting some balloons
Birthday Balloons Royalty Free Stock Image

 in the trunk after realizing the clerk at the Dollar treeDollar tree Royalty Free Stock Photography

 had not given her all of her purchases grabbing my purse
Red purse Stock Image 

and slamming the trunk shut forgetting the keys

 laying there.
I went inside claiming my lost goods and shopping bagShop Local Support Community Shopping Bag Words Stock Images

 then realizing my keys were in the trunk with no spare keyBike Spanner Stock Photography
 I felt helpless! Needless to say I waited over an hour and twenty minutesOwl clock Stock Images
Locksmith Holding Key With American Flag Stock Images
 for a local locksmith

who kept promising he was only minutes.away every 15 or 20 minutes. 15 min Stock Photo

As hotHot Sun Royalty Free Stock Photography

 as it was I thought I would just die right there of heat stroke.Over heat Royalty Free Stock Photography

 A passerby offered me a waterWater splash from bottle Royalty Free Stock Photo
 but I declined hoping the locksmith

Locksmith standing front Stock Photo

 would show as promised. When he still did not show I began to cry. A little girl crying Stock Image
A young lady crying Stock Image
Wiping tears
I saw this crazy little butterfly Butterfly
dancing around the Bush I was near and just knew it was

 my Dad Happy Fathers Day USA American Dad Royalty Free Stock Photossaying calm down.
Moments later a tow truck Tow truck Stock Photography
Woman Call for Help Royalty Free Stock Photography
showed up for another stranded person

 in the same situation. I questioned him asking if he could do another rescue and he agreed.
Money bag Royalty Free Stock Photography
This was a much lesser charge
 than the LocksmithLocksmith Gold Key Word Profession Job Worker Stock Photo
 would have been in
fact he offered complimentary serviceWith compliments Stock Photos

 but I gave him what cash I had and a hug Ladybug Hug Royalty Free Stock Images

for being so kind.

Thanks again Thank You Stock Photos

Andy from Action Towing!

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