Friday, June 13, 2014

My new Baby Pippin Likes to Surf

My new baby Chi-Weinnie  "Pippin"  likes to SURF

I adopted Pippin a 7 month old Chi=Weinnie from the Humane Society  on Smith Street in Inverness,FL who I clean weekly for on Sundays.  I became involved with doing community service in January and it has since become part of my life.  She is a really delightful and friendly dog.  So far has only chewed up a few clothespins a good pair of shoes and loves to Chase my new Siamese Kitten Sassy.  They really are best of friends.  Pippin is not afraid of the larger size of our Australian Sheppard  Quantum or the Maine Coon Cat Simba we have either.  She plays with them as if they were her size and can hold her own even against Honey our Chihuahuas occasional sassy outbursts.  She seems to be enjoying her new home but doesn't like to have her nails trimmed.  She will fight you to the finish.

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