Thursday, September 25, 2014

Back and Better than Ever!!

 I'm Back and Better than Ever!!!

I had the Gastric Sleeve done at North Florida Regional Hospital on  August 15th and have lost to date 29 pounds.  I am back to exercising Walking and Swimming!  It feels great to get rid of almost 9 inches in my waist.  My clothes are fitting rather loosely and I am working hard at making sure I take my vitamins and eat correctly.  A Whole different Life for me but I can say it was not as bad as I had expected.  Each day I feel better and better.  

It has been a long journey as I had been on diet pills previously for about a year and a half.  I managed to loose 70 pounds but once off the pills I regained 20 pounds. It took 6 months to gain back but I was still disappointed I didn't keep it off longer.  I am happy I had the surgery done and it is a great tool but not a cure to Obesity.  Without eating properly and exercise the pounds will not just fall off; it takes hard work which I intend to stay committed to.  I have seen too many people gain their weight back  and I have worked too hard to let it happen.  I have a great support group and I want to say I appreciate you cheering me on!

Here is a recent pic of what I looked like a couple weeks ago.  Down 25 pounds in this pic.

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