Friday, May 1, 2009

Butterfly World in Homasassa

Buckeye butterfly
this is me on the bridge in the habitat. The beautiful pond complete with a babbling waterfall has beautiful Koi and great pink and purple waterlillies and Iris.

A Pair of Zebra Longwings

A Milkweed plant is host to many caterpillers that will turn into beautiful Monarch butterflies.

One of the many displays of butterflies of the world. Very interesting so many colors and sizes. I especially like the irridescent type ones.

I had been scheduled for knee Surgery today at 6 AM but the doctors office called yesterday and said it was canceled and would have to be re-scheduled at a later date. So not to waste the day since my hubby took off to be with me we decided to make a trip to the Butterfly World garden in Homosassa. They only opened less than 6 months ago but the place is really something. We learned alot about butterflies and the plants that each different butterfly uses as a plant to host and feed the eggs and caterpillers before they become a Chrystilis and finally a butterfly. We learned that not only should our yard have the nectar plants to feed the butterfly but also the host plants to keep the butterflies in our yard. I took a ton of pictures and hope you will enjoy a few of them.

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  1. Beautiful butterflies. Looks like you had fun. Sorry to hear about the surgery.