Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Visit from our Granddaughter

We had an enjoyable visit with our granddaughter this weekend. She and her mom came up from Tampa because they needed a place to bury a family pet. Rufus was a year old kitten that adored her family so much she liked to ride in the car. Sadly Rufus was killed by two neighborhood dogs and our daughter needed a place to lay her favorite pet to rest. Since we are bound to be staying longer at our home than she will at her's we agreed to let her bury him here. They spent the afternoon painting and making decorations for the gravesite. We were delighted to see her and her daughter and son and we were blest to have Mikaila spend the night. Of course the visit wouldn't be complete without a dip in the pool and some special time with grandpa who she calls Pee Paw. Mikaila is 5 and goes to kindergarten this coming year.

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