Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cards From Ronald Mc Donald World Card Making Event

Just wanted to share the cards from World Card Making Day event.  All the cards and the money for making them went to Ronald McDonald House.  I was there this past Wednesday and dropped off several packages of stamps and also about 150 - 200 cards.

I am going to begin working with students of the Lecanto High School so they can earn bright scholars volunteer hours at selected Saturdays at the Homosassa Library soon.  They will be a big help in helping me fullfill the needs of the RMH in St Pete that I am a Stampin' UP! Appointed lead for the 3 houses near All Childrens' Hospital.  Many of our local families have already used the houses there.

Designed by Debi Pippin

Designed by Debi Pippin

Designed by Jo Ann Mc Hale
                                                           and taught by Diane Henderson
                                                           since Jo Ann  could not be there

Designed by Michele Ryder

Designed by Loretta Ingerman

Designed by Barb Harmon
                                 My upline

Designed by Fran Schaak

I want to thank these ladies for designing and teaching cards on World Card Making day.  With out you the event could not have happened.  With the success of this years event we will be holding a second annual one next year. So if you missed it we will remind you throughout the year.  If you would like to donate cash for stamps and envelopes or handmade cards to the Ronald Mc Donald house through me just give me an email or call and I will gladly pick them up or accept them from you when I see you. I cannot begin to tell you how happy the residents and patients have been that have either received a card or needed one to give and were able to have one on hand to send. If you would like to join me at the Homosassa Library to help out I would love the extra help.

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