Friday, October 21, 2011

Mountain Dew and Sierra Mist Christmas Wreath

With all the dillying with Lollies lately; that is the medalian looking folded piece everyone is making with the new Stampin' UP! Simply Scored Tool. They are fun to make and we learned how to do them at Convention this year in our Village of Cuteness class

Well I thought I had a brilliant idea and then found that someone else and someone else had the same idea.  I think alot of us that are think our of the box ladies often come up with the same or things that are alot alike.  If you look on Stampin Connection you will see quite a few of these.  It is a Wreath made from Aluminum cans and the SU snowflake die.  All the different color combinations are so cool.  I have seen blue and orange ones; and blue and red; and red and green.  I am thinking the silver and Gold in the Beer can form would be pretty too.    Anyway enjoy the pictures. 
I also used the snowflake punch from SU and a 3/4 inch circle punch  to complete the project.  To make the cardboard Wreath I used a Pizza Box and just traced a dinner plate and then a saucer size and cut the circle out and the inside circle so you get what looks like a donut to attach the Snowflakes to.  I just used my cropadile and punched 10 sets of two holes close to each other.  Then I tied the Ribbon through the wholes till I had all ten sets done and then began to tie the snowflakes on.  If you sandwich two of the aluminum snowflakes together and kind of snap them together pushing one point down and every other point they will stay together pretty well.  Put the ribbon through them and build the other snowflake (punched from Glossy White paper) with a 3/4 " circle and put two holes with the cropadile so it looks like a button poke the ribbon through and tie it on top.

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