Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Work is FUN!

My Work is Fun! 

Today I had a workshop at New Hope Baptist Church, I had a dozen nice ladies ready to learn about the craft of card making,   I always get such a joy out of watching a brand new stamper with a stamp in hand and the amazement and the look on their face when they realize  that they actually have made something so beautiful with their own two hands and very little guidance from me.   Some of them I get quite tickled with when they tell me they aren't really very creative and they come up with the prettiest ideas. Some become skilled quickly and others it takes some practice.  I tell them we all make mistakes and that is why there are two sides to the paper,   By the end of our session most everyone is wanting to know when you will be coming for the next class.

Here is a picture of them busy at work, Good new is I am returning to craft with them in April and in June.

 If you are looking for a job  where you can be creative make your own hours and make a little bit of money and have fun then Stampin' UP!  may be the place for you.  I have my own Stampin' UP Lucky Ladies Team and would be all too thrilled to intoduce you and invite to to join my Team.  I have a group downline meeting and opportunity night  on the First Monday of every Month at the Rexall in Inverness FL, Time is from 5:30 till 7:30pm  come as my guest.  To join the team just use my online website and click on join the fun.   Have your wish list to fill up to the value of $156.50 without going over as that is what you get all for $99 and Tax that includes the shipping!  Normally you just get $125 but for sale a bration and Stampin' UP! is celebrating their 25th years they decided to give an extra bonus.

here is my link to my website

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