Saturday, April 6, 2013

Proud of Our Eagle Scout!

Today is a Special Day for Our Eagle Scout Eric!

If you are a friend of mine or a friend of our family we would like to invite you to join us today as we celebrate in ceremony our Eagle Scout Eric.  We didn't send out individual invites but thought if you would like to come you could come on down and celebrate with us today at 2pm.   here is the invite...



We would be most happy to see you there.  It is a happy day for us and he has worked very hard for this even though he does not want the special attention we feel it is an accomplishment worthy of all the fuss whether he wants it or not.  He will be leaving for the Air Force on August 13th after high school graduation and some time at summer camp with the boy scouts.  I will miss him dearly and know that he will always do his best no matter where he is.  This mom is definitely proud of his accomplishments and thankful everyday for being blessed with such a great son.

Today at the ceremony  Eric Orion Pippin Eagle Scout Troop 302 Inverness FL


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