Thursday, October 24, 2013


Been Playing with My Bow Die From Stampin' UP!  Look what I  Came up With  a Butterfly BOW!


I will try to show you the steps as best I can

1.add the four fish tails to the large bow section
 2 glue them to the middle part
 3. then add another color of fish tail but fold over the tab a bit so it brings it inward position in middle of the other two.
 4 Fold over the large bow portion and glue flat down end to end.
 5. Grab a small loop bow portion for the loop in the middle of that and add to the top.
 6 Glue in place
 7. grab 2 more bow sections different color that matches the larger bow section preferably
 8 Fold on with tab end glued together and glue it under the bottom of the larger bow section
 9 Fold the other with the tab inwards but the pointed section down and put glue on the long straight section and glue to the previous section leave it looped.
10 Glue in place
 11 take 2 of the middle bow wraps and use them for antenae
 12 Fold the paper in half and work it gently with your fingers till it is able to be wound into a spiral

 13.wrap each into spiral a pencil or your finger can shape them.

 14. Glue them onto the back of the top of the big bow loop.
 15.  Flip butterfly over then  From 2 of the Tail sections fold in half and cut down the piece just down a bit smaller for a smaller wing section and add to the top of the middle wing for more decoration
 Add pieces to the top of the middle wing you can use the fold to add a bit of life to the butterfly.

Hope you enjoy my tutorial be sure to invite others to my blog and be sure to comment on my blog.
Thanks so much
Debi Pippin    Sept 4 2013

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  1. too cool what an awesome way to use the die. TFS