Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Son The US Airman

My Son The US Airman
Before Pic
after pic
This week we traveled to San Antonio Texas to Lackland  Air Force Base to see our son Eric Graduate from Basic Training.  It was a moment that would make any parent proud.  Our son played in the band from the time he arrived and for each of the graduations and his own.   Since he played in the high school band this was definitely his comfort zone and I felt pretty confident he was enjoying his basic training experience, he confirmed this when we saw him standing confident and proud. Not only did he enjoy it he has opened up as a person and I caught him occasionally smiling and conversing way more than ever before.  His area in his dorm was so neat and his bed nice and tight. Pretty good for someone who had never made a bed before.
Here are more pictures from our trip
Eric is the second one in near my head


The first hug

Near his dormitory

on the River Walk

Near the Alamo
The Airman's Creed

Lunch on River Walk
This dinner was given to Eric as a congratulations the Restaurant gave a $20 gift certificate to each graduated airman We sat and enjoyed our meal and got ready to pay and the waitress told us that someone secretly paid for our meal. Wow did that feel good but we wanted to Thank them and she told us they had already left.  So wanting to pay it forward ourselves we tipped the waitress extra well. 

                                   River Walking

River Walk


River Walk
We are so proud of our son.  He has always been a great person and the Air Force has made him even better.

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