Friday, January 17, 2014

Home Sweeet Home!!!!

Home SWEEET Home !!!

here are some pictures of my visit with my friends grand daughter Lucy and of my landing in Tampa so good to be home a Florida Sunset greeting me as I landed.

This is Lucy She loves to play outdoors


she is concentrating on making us a sand pie



got to get the ingredients just right


climb a tree like the monkey

ut oh This is pretty high


Poppy is her bestest friend Can't wait to see him each day!


Well I hated saying Goodbye but my visit with the Ingerman's is always so pleasant. Wish I could stay forever.  I miss my friend Loretta but it is always good to come back for a visit and see Lucy and watch her grow and see how much she has changed. This time she seemed much more talkative and animated than ever.  Especially from the first time I visited and she was so shy and leery of my strangeness, She loves it when I sing to her. The sillier the song the better.  Now instead of me entertaining her she entertains me. I look forward to my next visit and sure hope I can catch a glimpse of the Texas Blue Bonnets someday. 





Arriving in Florida......

A Sunset Greets Me



I will let the pictures speak for themselves.  It was a beautiful site.   A Day later I wake up to Freezing temperatures of 28 degrees. This morning it is slowly warming up and they say we had temps colder than Canada hard to believe but makes me want to hitch the plane back to Texas!

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