Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Son The Air Man is HOME!

                    My Son the Air Man is HOME!!!

I am one happy momma.  Not only did he come home he was bearing gifts.  He got me a Nexus 7 tablet.  It is great he is so sweet.  He was hunched over walking toward me and I almost knocked him down giving him hugs. When I picked up his back pack I realized why he was walking like a drunk.  That thing must of weighed 100 pounds!  He also had two other backpacks and will be staying almost a month if he gets to do the hometown recruitment. He is planning a deep sea fishing day with his dad on Friday. We are all looking forward to catching up on our lost time with him.  He has been talking non stop about his adventures and it is fun to hear all the new stuff going on for him.  He wants to thank all the people that have sent him cards.  He says that has helped him through the tough times of being away from home.  I will have a new address for him  in about a month.

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